Check out our awesome range of roller derby skates for sale at Rawk! We're proud to offer a range of roller derby skates which cater for all abilities in roller derby skating! So whether you're fresh meat or a pro, you can be sure that Rawk has your back! Free next day delivery, price match guarantee and free returns!

Choosing to participate in the adrenaline-soaked sport that is roller derby is commendable - we salute you. 

But the next decision is perhaps the most crucial. Deciding which roller derby skates to purchase - it's not a decision to be taken lightly. You'll be in these skates for a minimum of 2 hours a week at practice so you need them to be comfortable and ensure that they work with you, not against you. Roller derby skates needs to feel as comfortable and supportive as a trainer. If only Chuck Norris could get into the roller derby industry....ahh, sigh.

With a plethora of roller derby skates on the market, making a decision on which roller derby skates to buy can seem somewhat overwhelming. However, most people gravitate to the same choices, which makesᅠ selection through recommendation somewhat easier.ᅠ We have a host of roller derby skates which are ideal for beginners, intermediates and of course the pros.

If you're unsure of which roller derby skates to go for, please get in touch with us. We're proud to have a few roller derby skaters working for us here so if you've got any questions, you can be sure that our guys and gals can provide you with first hand knowledge and advice!

Roller Derby Skates

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